About Taber Farms

Taber Farms is a family farm located in Warrenton, North Carolina. Our farm was created from the need to supply locally sourced, wholesomely raised food products to our community. We always recommend folks to swing by the farm to check out how we raise our produce and animals! We are transparent in our growing practices and are environmentally conscious so your family can receive the freshest, safest and healthiest products possible!

Farm Fresh

Taber Farms is all about quality and providing farm fresh food to our community. We specialize in eggs, chicken and turkey, and will be expanding our vegetable operation in 2019. During the fall, we grow pumpkins and gourds. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that when a lot of love and care goes into raising animals, your food will consistently taste the best.

Meet Zayne Taber

Zayne Taber is a Florida native who located to North Carolina in 2016. Zayne is a veteran and served in the United States Marine Corps with a tour to Iraq. Together, Zayne and his wife Kristen live in Warrenton where he operates Taber Farms. He is a new farmer and (seriously) learned how to farm from studying YouTube videos, as well as a lot of trial and error. In 2018, he successfully processed 250 chickens, 30 turkeys, and grew a pumpkin patch. He currently has a flock of 150 Cinnamon Queens who lay about 100 eggs per day. He looks forward to expanding Taber Farms this year!